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Windscreen Chip Repair Isle of Sheppey - ME12

Looking for a local Isle of Sheppey - ME12 Windscreen chip repair company? Then call us at Windscreen Assist today on 0800 612 7762

In a competitive windscreen chip repair market, we work hard to keep our customers happy on the Isle of Sheppey and give them the fastest results on all their car or van chipped windscreen repairs. The windscreen repair process takes just 25 minutes on average, our windscreen chip repairs involve cleaning the damaged area and injecting a liquid acrylic resin into the damaged windscreen. This resin is then cured by the use of a long wave ultra-violet light. It works just as well on heated and tinted windscreens. We guarantee no call out charges, our windscreen repair technicians can be with you wherever you are sometimes within two hours on the Isle of Sheppey, providing you the customer with the fastest possible turnaround on your windscreen chip repair to get you back on the road safely.

Windscreen Assist provides a mobile, fast turnaround windscreen repair service on the Isle of Sheppey

Expert windscreen chip repair technicians on the Isle of Sheppey, using the latest equipment, operating a fully mobile emergency windscreen chip repair service, with NO call out charges and prices which typically fall below your insurance excess; we aim to be the number one choice for car or van windscreen chip repairs on Sheppey and windscreen replacements in Kent. Give Windscreen Assist a call today to get you back on the road fast on 0800 612 7762.

Windscreen Assist operates on the Isle of Sheppey ME12, seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm, bringing a comprehensive windscreen chip repair service direct to you, call Windscreen Assist today on 0800 612 7762 for your low cost quote!


For more information on our emergency car side glass and window replacement, windscreen stone chip repairs or our car windscreen replacement or repair services in South East London and throughout the city, Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, Medway and Essex contact us at Windscreen Assist today

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