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Windscreen Chip Repair Ramsgate - CT11

Ramsgate CT11 & CT12 Windscreen Chip Repair for Car & Van Owners - Call 01843 242801

Windscreen Assist has local windscreen chip repair technicians in Ramsgate on a daily basis, small cracks or stone chips on your car or van windscreen may look minor and nothing to worry about, but it can fail your MOT, and just one bump or pothole, or even a slight change in temperature can turn a windscreen stone chip into a windscreen crack, meaning you will end up needing a new car windscreen replacement. The windscreen chip repair takes just 25 minutes on average, our chip repairs involve cleaning the windscreen chip and injecting a liquid acrylic resin into the damaged glass. This resin is then cured by the use of a long wave ultra-violet light. It works just as well on heated, tinted windscreens or plain windscreens.  

We have emergency mobile windscreen chip repair units working daily in Ramsgate CT11/CT12.

At Windscreen Assist we specialise in fast, professional and efficient van or car windscreen chip repairs in Ramsgate and across Kent, Windscreen Assist can carry out any windscreen chip repair on all makes and models of cars and vans.

From 8am - 6pm seven days a week, we carry out highest quality windscreen chip repairs in the Ramsgate area, Some windscreen chip repairs cost less than your windscreen insurance excess and by using the latest insurance company approved windscreen repair equipment and techniques you will be back on the road safely in under an hour from us repairing your vehicle windscreen wherever you are in Ramsgate CT11 or CT12.

Call Windscreen Assist today on 01843 242801 to book your windscreen chip repair appointment!

For more information on our emergency car side glass and window replacement, windscreen stone chip repairs or our car windscreen replacement or repair services in South East London and throughout the city, Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, Medway and Essex contact us at Windscreen Assist today

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