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Terms & Conditions

Windscreen Assist Terms and conditions

  • Asking Windscreen Assist to carry out glass replacement, or glass repair on your vehicle, you therefore agree to our terms and conditions.
  • A contract with you is formed at the time of making your appointment with us. If our work is the subject of a claim on an insurance policy and you are not the policyholder, you acknowledge that your dealings with us are made with the full authority of the policyholder.
  • A service is provided to you, by appointment and location, agreed by both parties, subject to weather conditions, unless you have satisfactory cover for the vehicle, acceptable by the technician.
  • Appointments are re booked at the earliest convenient time for the customer.
  • 24 Hours notice for all cancellations is required or a cancellation fee may be charged to the client.
  • Windscreen Assist does not accept any liability for financial loss in these circumstances.
  • Payment made during your appointment booking will be held until we start work on your vehicle, once the work is completed windscreen assist reserves the right to retain your payment made to us.
  • A pre inspection of your vehicle will be carried out by the technician, to check that the glass damage, has not damaged another part of the vehicle, not visible or known to the customer.
  • Our technician will advise you if a repair is possible, there is no guarantee on the appearance of a repair, some damage may be visible from the repair, this is very normal.
  • Our aim is to restore the original strength of your windscreen. If you are not happy with the repair, we can refund this repair cost and we can replace your windscreen subject to the customer paying for a windscreen replacement, we cannot guarantee a windscreen repair will be successful, we do not refund windscreen chip repairs.
  • If our technician notices a crack during repair, he will advise, you must acknowledge this risk.
  • If the glass needs replacing, an additional amount needs to be paid, minus any excess you have already paid.
  • Once your windscreen has been replaced, the technician will advise you on the safe drive away time.
  • Windscreen Assist will not accept liability if you move your vehicle before the drive away time.
  • Windscreen Assist will not accept liability on repairs for damaged window motors in doors, rain sensors, light sensors, wiper motors etc.
  • A vehicle that has corrosion, will be advised to you by our technician.
  • All bonded and non bonded glass comes with a twelve month warranty.
  • Windscreen Assist reserves the right to cancel our contract at any time.
  • Windscreen Assist reserves the right by not accepting payment from either the credit/debit card used if we believe there is fraud activity.

For more information on our emergency car side glass and window replacement, windscreen stone chip repairs or our car windscreen replacement or repair services in South East London and throughout the city, Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, Medway and Essex contact us at Windscreen Assist today

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