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Windscreen Chip Repair

Avoid serious financial and safety implications in the future: have your car or van windscreen repaired by the experts at Windscreen Assist today.

Small cracks or stone chips on your car or van windscreen may look minor and nothing to worry about, but it can fail your MOT, and just one bump or pothole, or even a slight change in temperature can turn a windscreen stone chip into a windscreen crack, making it even harder for us to repair your vehicle windscreen.

We have emergency mobile windscreen chip repair units working throughout London, East Sussex, Kent, Essex, Surrey and the South East.

At Windscreen Assist, we specialise in fast, comprehensive and efficient South East region London windscreen chip repairs on all makes and models of cars and vans throughout Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Essex, South East London, East London, Thanet, Medway, Maidstone, Canterbury, Dartford,  Ashford and Gravesend.

We always try to repair your chipped car windscreen before considering replacement with the following repairs possible;

Windscreen Chip Repair Locations

  • Zone A up to 10mm
  • ​Zone B up to 15mm
  • ​Zone C up to 25mm
  • Zone D up to 40mm

Fully mobile emergency windscreen chip repair service that comes to you.

We like to make life as easy as possible for our clients and will come to you whenever it is best for you. If you have an urgent appointment or meeting to get to and you can do so safely, we can meet you there and do the windscreen repair, while you have your meeting, in less than half an hour you’ll be ready to go.

How the vehicle windscreen stone chip repair process works

Taking just 25 minutes on average, our chip repairs involve cleaning the windscreen chip and injecting a liquid acrylic resin into the damaged glass. This resin is then cured by the use of a long wave ultra-violet light. It works just as well on heated, standard and tinted windscreens.

After curing, your windscreen chip repair will:

  • Restore the strength of the damaged windscreen
  • Improve the optical and cosmetic appearance
  • Enhance durability and longevity of the windscreen

Here's some of our customer feedback after our windscreen chip repair work in South East London, East London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex;

"The service I received was impeccable I can highly recommend this windscreen company"

Mr ​Kent
Surrey windscreen chip repair
Bromley, Kent

"A very happy guy turned up and made the windscreen replacement job look easy, he even helped me change a headlight bulb"

Mr Adetula
London windscreen Chip Repair
Deptford in South East London

You won’t find better or more experienced windscreen chip repair technicians anywhere else in London or the South East.

Our windscreen chip repair technicians have been working in the repair industry for well over a decade, helping to get all makes and models of cars and vans back on the road almost immediately. When it comes to windscreen stone chip repairs there is very little our team cannot do.

For the best in reliable emergency chipped windscreen repairs across London, East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the wider South East give Windscreen Assist a call today free for your best quote on 0800 612 7762.

For more information on our emergency car side glass and window replacement, windscreen stone chip repairs or our car windscreen replacement or repair services in South East London and throughout the city, Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, Medway and Essex contact us at Windscreen Assist today

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